About Us

ratna kalluri

After graduating in Interior Design, Ratna Kalluri gathered experience on various architectural and design projects and started her own firm in 2010. She is the founder and creative director of RAD Studio (earlier Ratna Design Studio).She has earned the reputation of being an ace designer in creating visual delights for the spaces she designed.Her forte lies in putting together the contrasting elements of design – shape, furniture, color, texture, decor -and balancing them beautifully in making them speak for itself.

what are we

We at RAD Studio reinterpret the quintessential Indian sensibilities in design, material and craftsmanship so as to appeal to an ever evolving requirements of the clientele. Interior Design is but a refined expression of the individual and collective imagination of the inhabitants of a given space, a virtual statement of their unique identity and preferences often pronounced more vividly through the expertise of a designer.